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March 8, 2023

What Does Locum Tenens Mean for a Physician?

What Is Locum Tenens?

Locum tenens means holding a position in the place of someone else. A locum tenens provider is someone who works in the place of someone else.

People Also Ask: What Is a Locum Tenens Physician?

A locum tenens physician (or locum physician) is a physician who fills in for another physician temporarily while they are away from the post for days, weeks, months, or even years.

Many healthcare facilities will work with a healthcare staffing agency or locum tenens company to find talented physicians to work at hospitals, healthcare facilities, and outpatient medical centers as locum physicians. A locum provider is essentially any health care provider who agrees to take on a locum tenens assignment.

Who Can Do Locum Tenens Work?

Many healthcare professionals can take locum tenens assignments. This includes physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other advanced practice providers. Any healthcare provider can be a locum provider as long as they are willing to accept a locum position. Sometimes, to become a locum tenens provider for a specific assignment, the provider may required to travel and becoming credentialed to practice in the state.

The Benefits of Locum Tenens

Locum tenens jobs offer flexibility and the chance for a broad range of experiences in different healthcare environments. Locum tenens contracts are for short-term employment ranging from a few days to one or more years. Locum tenens doctors can get a feel for different kinds of medical work and different perspectives on the healthcare industry without having to commit to any of them as a career.

Locum tenens agencies often offer assistance to locum providers in obtaining licenses to practice in the states they serve. They also provide malpractice insurance, removing a financial headache for new doctors who are still paying off their medical school debt but want the flexibility of practicing independently.

Some physicians prefer locum work because it frees them from some of the entanglements of the medical profession. By not staying in any one position for too long, they don't have to worry about administrative responsibilities or personal conflicts that might occur in a permanent position.

Why Do Physicians Choose Locum Tenens Work?

Each locums physician has different reasons for choosing locum tenens jobs. The salary for locum tenens physicians is frequently higher than many permanent physician posts because the healthcare employer is not paying out benefits or bonuses, and because the position they are hiring for is often either in high demand or urgent to fill.

Experience is another attractive aspect of locum work. A locums physician has the chance to practice medicine in many healthcare contexts and serve a diverse range of patients. A physician on a locums assignment encounters a wide range of different health problems, which would be helpful to anyone looking to work in emergency medicine, pediatrics, or other fields that require healthcare providers to draw upon a broad spectrum of medical knowledge.

Locum work can be rewarding because it serves areas with the greatest medical need. The healthcare system depends on staffing agencies to quickly find physicians from around the country to support community health centers, understaffed hospitals, or practitioners in remote areas where physicians are in short supply.

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