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Proven EDI Software Solutions for EDI 5010 Benefits Administration

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Caliber Health provides T-Connect EDI Software Solutions to help healthcare payers, providers, and intermediaries enhance their X12 EDI 5010 processing capabilities.

T-Connect sets the standard for speedy processing, tracking, reporting, and storing of X12 data in healthcare.  Our solutions take the guesswork out of managing EDI 837 Claims, 835 Payments, 834 Enrollments and their corresponding HIPAA transaction sets.  We enable revenue cycle administrators to better manage EDI, generate 999 Acknowledgements, and 820 Remittances while leveraging enhanced EDI conversion capabilities.  Also, as a CAQH Core Certified Health Plan Technology, T-Connect empowers payers to cost-effectively provide high-quality real time benefits eligibility verification services to their provider partners.


Take a quick look at some of the features that the T-Connect EDI Management Suite has to offer!

The days of overnight batch processing, splitting, and throttling files into adjudication systems and sifting through erroneously cascaded validation errors are over!  Now you too can leverage the countless high-end developer hours we’ve spent meticulously replacing archaic technology with a new breed of EDI management solutions.  Browse our EDI solutions and contact us to discover how T-Connect makes EDI easy for people and computers.

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