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Enhance Your Career with Locum Tenens Jobs

Caliber provides alternative career paths beyond the conventional locum tenens landscape. We accommodate diverse practice scenarios, from part-time engagements to full-time commitments, including both local and travel assignments. It’s all part of our commitment to build career-long relationships with top providers.


Learn How Locums is Evolving as a Career

From short-term income source to long-term career option, working as a locum has emerged as a great choice for every stage of a provider’s career.

  • Flexibility to practice medicine your way, at the highest earning potential available
  • Autonomy to take control of your career journey, with our full support.
  • Mobility to explore different care settings and locations at facilities across the U.S.

You deserve best-in-class compensation with flexible schedules that fit your lifestyle and professional goals. Caliber comes through.

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Limitless Options for Every Stage of Your Career

One great thing about working locums is that your options evolve and expand as your career does. Caliber has no preconceived notion about a provider’s unique path, so we work to uncover what is right for you right now.

Today, locum tenens jobs represent more variety and diversity than in the past. Want to work closer to your grandkids? Great! Have some open time in your practice schedule that you’re looking to fill? No problem. Interested in supplemental income to pay down debt or finance your next move?  We're here to help.

Your next career choice starts with a conversation. Trust Caliber’s specialty focused team to give you current market data and our best advice. We can't wait to hear from you.

Early Career, Residents & Fellows

  • Explore diverse settings and career options after finishing your residency or fellowship
  • Pay down medical debt with supplemental income
  • Gain valuable experience and CV-enhancing clinical skills

Mid-Career and Established Providers

  • Boost work/life balance to avoid the risk of burnout
  • Gain the freedom to pursue a full-time role or career shift
  • Expand your clinical expertise in a new setting

Late Career & Nearing Retirement

  • Find renewed purpose in hands-on patient care
  • Pursue the lifestyle you want with flexible scheduling
  • Gradually reduce hours as you plan for retirement


Q&A with Sara Rogers, Senior Vice President

Your FAQ on Locum Tenens Jobs

We're here to answer all your questions about locum tenens careers. If there's one you don't see, just reach out.

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Facilities: Get the Coverage You Need

Once seen as a stopgap measure, locum tenens has emerged as a smart, strategic workforce strategy. Healthcare organizations competing for scarce clinical resources rely on locums to cover skill gaps and improve the continuity and quality of care.

  • Reduce burnout of staff from call schedules and overtime
  • Operate at capacity for uninterrupted revenue streams
  • Manage surge demand plus staffing gaps and absences

A Trusted Partner Throughout Your Career

Unlock access to more rewarding locum tenens jobs and more flexible healthcare careers with Caliber.