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January 1, 2021

New Year Plan: Healthcare Staffing and Healthcare Burnout

Top medical system administrators and professionals in healthcare staffing recognize that healthcare burnout is a pointed threat to the well-being of our entire health ecosystem .Our healthcare systems sometimes operate in crisis mode with mass exits in medicine, widespread staff shortages, and frequent hospital overload.

As a result, most healthcare workers report immense stress, significant exhaustion, and low morale. Worsening the situation, global crises such as wars, food shortages, or pandemics like COVID-19 add stress to healthcare workers. More than ever, locum tenens companies are needed to be the pillar of support in these turbulent times.

A proven approach to relieving such issues in staffing includes recruiting a targeted locum tenens staffing agency to release our healthcare workers from the pressures they experience. This article will identify how utilizing locum tenens providers can positively impact workers, hospitals, and the patients receiving care.

Locum Tenens: A Viable Solution to Reduce Burnout and Enhance a Positive Healthcare Workforce Experience

Locum tenens providers are available to fill general and specialty medical positions, and other advanced practice provider roles. By collaborating with a locum tenens company, administrators can offer needed relief, significantly lower burnout rates, and improve overall company morale.

7 Top Benefits of Working with Locum Tenens for Healthcare Burnout

As the need for personal protective equipment increases, medical workers consistently operate at an elevated risk of healthcare burnout because they work on the front lines. Their position demands long hours, life and death decision-making, and complex daily physical challenges. Internal medicine physicians and other Advanced Practice Professionals such as physician assistants responsible for the direct care of patients are likely to experience mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and burnout.

Notably, chronic emotional and physical workplace stress creates unprecedented levels of work dissatisfaction.

By working with Locum tenens providers, healthcare leaders can:

1.     Give permanent providers time off to relax, recharge and revive.

Healthcare providers can often muscle through tough times. They have usually known that they will enjoy downtime and much-needed time with their loved ones after their shift. However, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential in extreme work conditions. As such, with locum tenens companies partnered with health enterprises, employers can rest easy knowing their permanent workers have had time to recharge.

2.     Resolve widespread staff shortages

Indeed, staff shortages create palpable strain, impacting patient safety and placing healthcare workers at risk. Staff shortages directly impact patient care and worker satisfaction. By having temporary staff, leaders can remedy a mass exodus in medicine staffing caused by unforeseen circumstances.

3.     Provide immediate high-level, direct patient care, which eases currently overworked providers' physical and mental burden.

Recently, providers are reporting the work-life balance has become completely unhinged. Patient care demands have overtaken their personal lives, and families and friends are pushed to the side. Negative feelings can  This resentment manifests and affect in the quality of physician work negatively. Collaborating with locum tenens companies allows staff to avoid missing family time or essential life milestones while simultaneously knowing their patients rest in capable hands.

4.     Optimize patient safety and well-being by providing timelier and supported care in every department.

When work responsibilities increase quickly and schedule flexibility stops, clinical staff suffer from higher levels of burnout. Many feel they are no longer controlling their own lives, citing less autonomy and decreased overall work satisfaction. In these moments, patient safety is in danger. Temporary workers can alleviate this stress.

5.     Improve morale on the patient care floors, in medical offices, and every diagnostic testing area by increasing patient flow and lowering the burden on current providers.

Medical providers report significant emotional stress and increased physical exhaustion during a strained healthcare climate. Many consider leaving medicine for the first time in their careers. Physicians, APPs, and other medical staff choose early retirement because the situation has become difficult to handle. Healthcare leaders can avoid losing team members sporadically by working with a locum tenens staffing company. Each medical provider lost to burnout heightens the current strain and creates a breakdown cycle and staff morale.

6.     Provide temporary, effective relief without having to hire for long-term positions.

Rare, devastating crises like earthquakes or accidents sometimes require brief schedule adaptations for a matter of days or weeks. Often, healthcare providers understand they will be tasked to step up to address the increase in acute medical needs. However, inevitable global crises can create a prolonged crisis where staff is denied their vacation time, assigned extra shifts, and forced into extended hours to provide sufficient patient care. In these situations, temporary help can come in and out to manage crises.

7.     Improve revenue stream by providing high-quality care to an increased number of patients.

Happy workers make for satisfied patients. Long wait times for routine procedures, cancellations in elective surgeries, and patients waiting multiple hours in the ER affect the delivery model of care and patient outcomes. There is simply not enough staff to go around in most hospitals. Even one or two locum tenens workers can make the difference in patients' satisfaction and likelihood to return.


While the ongoing circumstances regarding healthcare burnout are bleak, the innovative solution of using a locum tenens company is available. Many hospitals and medical practices are contracting with locum tenens staffing companies to address their burnout.

In summary, collaborating with a locum tenens company to bolster providers is one of the most critical decisions for a health system. Administrators can stop the cycle of healthcare burnout by adding highly trained locum tenens professionals to provide top-tier medical care alongside current staff. Working together, hospital administrators, providers, and locum tenens companies can seamlessly create a positive environment for each healthcare worker. Ultimately, they can nurture overall job satisfaction and performance while ensuring optimal care for every patient.

To find out more about how locum tenens can address your specific hospital or practice needs, contact us here.

Relief is within reach, and we are here to help.

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