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March 8, 2023

Locum Tenens Radiology Jobs

Radiologists are some of the most in-demand medical professionals working today. Medical imaging techniques are indispensable for the diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury, and skilled Radiologists are always needed to properly interpret medical imaging results.

Working as a full-time Radiologist can be a highly rewarding career. But as a shortage of qualified Physicians grows throughout the United States, there is an increasing need for locum Radiology jobs to fill vacant positions.

If you have been curious about locum Radiologist jobs, here’s what you need to know before taking the plunge into a locum tenens opportunity.

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Radiologist Job Description

A Radiologist is a Physician specializing in the analysis and interpretation of medical images. They pour over a variety of diagnostic imaging, including:

  • Computed tomography (CT)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Positron emission tomography (PET)
  • Ultrasounds
  • X-rays

Radiologists help primary care Physicians to decide on the correct body imaging technique for their patients. Radiologists approve requests for scans, X-rays, CTs and other imaging procedures. Following an imaging procedure, Radiologists can recommend a course of treatment based on their findings in diagnostic images.

There are several subspecialties of Radiology, such as:

  • Diagnostic Radiologist - A variety of medical imaging methods are used to diagnose disease and plan a course of treatment
  • Interventional Radiologist - Medical imaging is used to support surgical procedures and therapies to ensure patient safety and accelerate recovery times
  • Radiation Oncologist - Radiation-based therapies are used to treat cancers in efforts to help reduce symptoms or force cancer into remission
  • Nuclear Radiologist - A type of nuclear medicine that uses minuscule amounts of radioactive material to examine the internal structure of the body

Most Radiology jobs require:

  • Possession of active state license BC
  • Being board certified by the American Board of Radiology
  • Ability to commit to call schedules

Being a Radiologist

Whether working as full-time staff at a hospital or working in a locum tenens position, being a Radiologist is a demanding but rewarding job. Of course, there are years of extensive training required to become a licensed Radiologist. But following the education and certification process, general Radiology duties can be dynamic and engaging.

Radiologists see a wide variety of patients with different medical imaging needs. Different equipment is often required on a patient-to-patient basis. It is a job with tangible impact on health outcomes. Radiology can make a tremendous difference in the lives of patients by providing the most accurate diagnosis of illness and injury. In some cases, radiologists can detect aggressive cancers early, helping patients to live longer, healthier lives.

Locum Radiologist Salaries

Locum tenens Radiologists can expect to earn a highly competitive salary. The exact amount of money that a locum tenens Radiologist can earn varies depending on the state in which they work and their particular specialty.

On average, a locum tenens Radiologist can expect to make about $222,000 per year, or about $107 per hour.

Among the Radiology specialties, Neuroradiologists and diagnostic Radiologists earn the highest salaries while interventional Radiologists and Pediatric Radiologists generally earn less.

Required Education & Certifications

A Radiologist is a Physician, and anyone who intends to practice as a Radiologist will first need to complete substantial medical training and education. After successfully completing their undergraduate coursework, aspiring Radiologists will need to pass the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and enroll in an accredited medical school.

After graduating medical school, at least four years will be spent in internships and in residency to learn the specifics of Radiology. Here, Radiology students will work with patients, create treatment plans, and learn best practices for interpreting medical images.

Finally, two examinations must be passed to become certified by the American Board of Radiology following residency. Radiologists can also gain additional training in Radiology subspecialties by pursuing a fellowship, which can take between one and two years.

Key Skills for Radiology Jobs

A locum tenens Radiology position is an important job and some key skills are required to excel in the position.

First, Radiologists should have the technical skills to operate and understand Radiology equipment like CT scanners and MRI machines. Radiologists should also command fine motor skills to control medical equipment in Radiology procedures. As with any Physician, a steady hand is a great asset.

Radiologists should have exceptional teamwork and communication skills. They will be working not only with other Radiology team members but also with interdisciplinary teams that span departments. The ability to collaborate and listen to concerns is crucial to success.

Finally, attention to detail is a key skill for any Radiologist. Medical imaging can be difficult to interpret and a keen eye is required to notice small deviations and differences that may point to health problems like tumors and lesions.

Are You A Radiologist Looking To Start A Locum Tenens Career?

If you are a Radiologist interested in making the switch to a locum tenens career, there has never been a better time to take the leap. The locum tenens lifestyle affords you the ability to work on a flexible schedule while earning higher pay compared to full-time staff positions. There is no need to commit to full-time availability, so you can enjoy greater quality of life.

And if you have ever had the urge to explore the country, a locum tenens Radiology job is a great way to temporarily relocate and see what life is like in another state.

You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your work contributes to better patient outcomes in underserved areas, in both rural communities and cosmopolitan cities alike. And you will have the pride of working with other medical professionals to provide exceptional care.

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No matter where you are in your career, we will help to match you with the schedule, pay, and position you are looking for. Our specialty-focused recruiting teams understand the nature of the radiology profession and can help to leverage your unique qualifications and experience to secure the best locum tenens jobs.


What is the highest paying Radiologist job?

The highest paying Radiologist job is a neuroradiologist with diagnostic radiologists close behind.

Is there a high demand for Radiologists?

There is an incredibly high demand for Radiologists in the United States. Accordingly, pay increases for Radiologists correspond to high demand in healthcare facilities around the country.

Is there a demand for Radiologists in the future?

Since the shortage of qualified medical professionals in the American healthcare system is only expected to increase in coming years, there will continue to be a demand for Radiologists in the future.

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