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June 16, 2023

What Are Physician Staffing Agencies?

Physician staffing agencies are companies that specialize in helping healthcare organizations find qualified physicians and other healthcare professionals to fill temporary or permanent positions. These agencies typically have access to a large pool of candidates and use their expertise to match healthcare organizations with the right physicians for their needs.

There are different types of physician staffing agencies, including locum tenens staffing agencies and permanent staffing agencies. Locum tenens staffing agencies focus on providing temporary physicians to fill in for staff physicians who are on vacation, on leave, or experiencing a shortage. Permanent staffing agencies, on the other hand, help healthcare organizations find physicians to fill permanent positions.

Should a Locum Tenens Physician Work with a Staffing Agency?

If you are a locum tenens physician, working with a medical staffing agency can be a great way to find job opportunities that fit your skills, experience, and preferences. Staffing agencies can help you find short-term assignments or long-term contracts, depending on your availability and career goals.

Working with a staffing agency can also help you save time and money. These agencies can take care of the administrative tasks associated with job hunting, such as reviewing job postings, coordinating interviews, and negotiating salaries. This can free up your time to focus on providing quality patient care and can save you money on travel expenses since some staffing agencies offer housing and transportation reimbursement.

Another benefit of working with a medical staffing agency is that they can provide you with professional development opportunities. For example, some agencies offer continuing education courses and training programs to help you improve your skills and advance your career.

The Benefits of Physician Staffing Agencies

Whether you are a locum tenens physician or a healthcare organization looking for staffing solutions, there are many benefits to working with a physician staffing agency. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Access to a large pool of candidates - Physician staffing agencies have access to a large pool of candidates, which means they can match healthcare organizations with qualified physicians quickly and efficiently. This saves physicians and healthcare organizations time and money.
  • Expertise in the healthcare industry - Healthcare staffing agencies have in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry and can help healthcare organizations navigate the job market. They can provide guidance on job market trends, salary negotiations, and career growth opportunities.
  • Customized staffing solutions - Staffing agencies can provide customized staffing solutions to meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations. If you’re a specialized physician, this means you’ll have better luck finding meaningful work. In addition, you’ll have help finding an organization whose values and culture align with your personal and professional goals.
  • Streamlined hiring process - Staffing agencies can streamline the hiring process by handling administrative tasks such as reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and performing background checks. This can save healthcare organizations time and resources. It also helps healthcare professionals, who can count on the expertise of the staffing agency to find them the right role.
  • Flexibility - Physician staffing agencies can provide flexible staffing solutions, such as temporary or permanent positions, depending on the needs of healthcare organizations. As a physician, this means you’ll have different types of work styles to choose from so you can find what works best.
  • Quality assurance - Staffing agencies can ensure that the physicians they provide are qualified, experienced, and meet the standards of healthcare organizations. This helps companies maintain high standards of patient care, and it helps physicians ensure they’ll be placed in a role that’s fulfilling.

Tips for Working with a Staffing Agency

Whether you’re a physician looking for your next role or a company in need of staffing solutions, there are some tips to keep in mind when looking for an agency:

Be Clear About Your Needs

Before you start working with a staffing agency, make sure you have a clear idea of the type of staff you need or the type of role you want. If you’re a physician looking for work, know your salary goals, ideal schedule, and desired location. If you’re a healthcare organization, know how much staff care you need, what specialties you require, and the length of assignments. This will help the agency find and place the right candidates.

Choose a Reputable Industry

Many staffing agencies are out there, but not all are created equal. Do your research and choose an agency with a good reputation in the industry. Caliber is a top 10 agency with a thorough track record of helping organizations and individuals succeed.

Communicate Regularly

Communication is key when working with a staffing agency. Make sure you keep in regular contact with the agency to provide updates on your staffing or employment needs to receive updates.

Provide Feedback

Give valuable feedback to the staffing agency about their performance. This helps the agency improve its matching process to ensure that physicians and organizations get the needed help.

Consider a Long-term Partnership

If you have ongoing staffing or employment needs, consider forming a long-term partnership with a staffing agency. This will allow the agency to better understand your goals and needs and provide more personalized service.

Finding Locum Tenens Work with the Help of a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies help locum tenens physicians in many ways. Because the nature of locum tenens work requires travel and facility changes, it helps to have a network of support in your career journey. Here is what you can expect when you work with a staffing agency for your next locums role:

  • Administrative Support - One of the biggest hurdles for locums physicians is ensuring they have the proper qualifications when moving into a role. This may require obtaining new certifications or even returning to school. When you partner with a staffing agency, they can provide support as you navigate these requirements. In addition, they'll work with you to get your credentials sent to the healthcare facilities where you want to work and can help facilitate communication.
  • Travel and Housing - A locum tenens role gives you the opportunity to travel to new places and experience different cultures and attractions. However, this requires you to find proper transportation and housing, which can take time and effort. Your staffing agency can help with these steps and ensure you find a place to live and find safe and reliable transportation to get you there.
  • Compensation and Schedule - If you clearly communicate your salary and schedule expectations with your staffing agency, they can help you reach this goal. Having this support on your side is a great way to ensure you find fulfilling work that pays well and sets a schedule where you'll have time for yourself. It's often more difficult to do this alone without the support of an agency that has experience working with healthcare organizations.
  • Ongoing Support - Your partnership with a staffing agency doesn't have to end when your assignment is over. If you intend to work in locum tenens roles for the long term, you can count on your staffing agency to give you the support you need. In addition to helping with future positions, some agencies provide the opportunity for continued learning and education and can help you seek opportunities to grow your skills as a healthcare provider. In the long term, this means you'll become a better physician and provide the best care possible to those who need it.

Don't Stress About Finding Your Next Physician Role

At Caliber, we make it easy to find your next physician role. From anesthesiologist positions to primary care locum tenens roles, we help qualified healthcare professionals find meaningful work that meets their personal and professional goals.

Not only do we provide access to an unparalleled network of job opportunities, but Caliber provides long-term support to our physicians as they navigate their career journey. There’s no need to stress about finding the ideal physician role because we’re with you every step of the way.

Physician Jobs Connect You With

Caliber specializes in a number of locum tenens roles, including:

  • Neurology, Psychiatry, and Pain Medicine
  • Internal Medicine Subspecialties, including Radiology, Urology, and Hematology
  • Anesthesiology
  • Women and Children
  • Surgery
  • Primary Care

Our Leading Placement Process

Caliber has a nationwide reach, streamlined digital experience, and specialty-focused recruits, making it easy to find jobs. Our specialty teams understand the nuances of your profession and the needs of the facilities. Thanks to our specialization, we’ll advocate for the schedule, pay, and position you’re seeking at every stage of your locum tenens career.

Curious as to what positions are open? Browse our job listings here.

Why Choose Caliber?

As a healthcare staffing agency, Caliber is here to serve as your advocate. Our specialists and advanced recruiting methods ensure you are placed in a role where you can make the most impact and grow personally and professionally.

Whether you’re just starting out in your locum tenens journey or you’re looking for your next role, we’re here to help. Take advantage of our comprehensive support, and let us help you in your career journey. Contact us today to get started.


What is the job outlook for physicians?

According to data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for physicians and surgeons is expected to grow 3% from 2021 to 2031. About 23,800 openings for physicians and surgeons are projected each year. This means there is plenty of opportunity for physicians and surgeons to find meaningful employment in the United States.

What are the top reasons physicians leave their jobs?

Many physicians are leaving the field due to retirement, though other factors influence this change. Some physicians find it difficult to achieve a work-life balance and experience burnout, which is when work becomes too overwhelming, and they cannot balance their job duties with personal fulfillment. Another common cause is that physicians feel overburdened by administrative work.

Locum tenens physician work is a great alternative for physicians experiencing burnout or wanting to relieve administrative duties. With locum tenens work, healthcare professionals can set their own schedules, travel, and achieve a better balance.

What are the benefits of being an employed physician?

Employed physicians benefit from permanent physician placement due to its benefits and job security. In addition, physicians may enjoy working at the same location because they can form meaningful relationships, connect with patients, and establish roots in the city where they work.

Should you use a locum tenens staffing agency?

Whether or not to use a physician recruiter depends on individual circumstances and preferences. Physician recruiters can help with job searches, negotiating contracts, and overall career advice. They also have knowledge of the healthcare industry and can provide insight into job market trends and demands.

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