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May 16, 2023

Locum Tenens CRNA Jobs

Do you want to work with greater flexibility, increase your earning potential, and gain new experiences as a CRNA? If so, locum tenens jobs may be the right career opportunity for you. CRNA locum jobs are suitable for every career stage, whether you are a recent graduate, practicing CRNA, or nearing retirement.

Locum tenens is a Latin term derived from the Latin phrase "one who holds the place (of another)." In the medical staffing field, it is a short-term contract for healthcare professionals. CRNA locum jobs offer unique opportunities for medical professionals looking to travel and broaden their skillset while enjoying excellent earning potential.

Current Locum Tenens CRNA Jobs

For healthcare professionals seeking a flexible schedule or temporary work to supplement income, CRNA locum jobs are a great option. Professionals in this field may temporarily substitute providers at a hospital, outpatient surgery center, Level III Trauma Center, or other facilities.

Due to the ever-changing nature of the industry, CRNAs need to have access to a wide variety of job opportunities. Many CRNA locum jobs are available nationwide. Depending on a provider's needs and preferences, locum tenens opportunities range from two-week assignments to several-year commitments.

Finding CRNA locum jobs often requires working with a staffing agency. Caliber specializes in connecting Physicians and Advanced Practitioners like CRNAs with the right employers.

What to Know about Locum Tenens CRNA

Consider the types of duties you’ll perform and the setting you’ll work in when selecting CRNA locum jobs. You may prefer opportunities at an outpatient surgery center, labor and delivery unit, gynecologic oncology center, Physician's office, or a busy Level III Trauma Center.

In terms of salary, CRNAs receive competitive compensation for locum tenens work. Many CRNA locum jobs even earn a higher hourly rate than full-time positions. You may also receive additional pay for overtime, callbacks, and other assignments.

When considering a locum tenens CRNA assignment, it is critical to understand all terms of the agreement. Ensure the salary, benefits, and accommodations meet your needs.

CRNA travel jobs can be an exciting and rewarding experience. You can have the satisfaction of helping people in need while getting the chance to see the world. With an excellent job-finding service like Caliber, a qualified CRNA can embark on a whole new career path.

Benefits of Locum Tenens CRNA

When a healthcare facility is understaffed, locum CRNAs are the ideal choice to fill the gap. There are many reasons for CRNAs to take advantage of these open positions.

  • Flexibility: CRNA hours can be grueling, and burnout is a common problem. One major CRNA locum job difference is that you can choose assignments that match your desired schedule. This flexibility can create a better work-life balance. CRNA travel jobs allow you to accept positions across the nation, allowing you to explore new and exciting locations. Many facilities offer travel reimbursement, locum tenens coverage, and paid housing.
  • Skills and connections: Taking on CRNA locum jobs can help broaden your skill set. Working with different patient populations in various environments will give you unique experiences and hone your abilities. Locum CRNAs also have more opportunities to network and build professional relationships. This could give you priority access to lucrative CRNA locum jobs or full-time opportunities in the future.

About Caliber

Caliber offers excellent job-finding services for CRNAs seeking locum tenens work. Unlike traditional staffing agencies, we have an extensive understanding of your specialty, qualifications, and the daily challenges CRNAs face. We'll advocate for you and ensure you receive your desired schedule, pay, and position.

Our specialty-focused recruiting teams will find you the perfect CRNA locum jobs for your needs. You'll have access to a world-class talent concierge who will assist with travel, housing, credentialing, onboarding, and more. We'll even handle ongoing locum tenens coverage. We work with both healthcare facilities and CRNAs to ensure the process and transition are as smooth as possible.

Caliber is committed to maintaining a long-term relationship with locum tenens providers. As your career path changes, we'll adjust to continue meeting your needs. We give you the support you need, so you can focus on providing exceptional patient care.

Start your search for CRNA jobs today, or contact us to learn more about locum tenens work.

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