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April 11, 2024

Explore Advanced Practice Opportunities with Locum Jobs for Nurse Practitioners

Feeling like you spend more time on paperwork than with patients? You’re not alone. As a nurse practitioner (NP), you may find that administrative tasks often overshadow your primary goal—helping people. Imagine reducing that burden while reigniting your enthusiasm for patient care. Sounds great, right? Well, then a locum tenens nurse practitioner position might be just the shift you need.

Locum tenens assignments offer a dynamic and flexible alternative to traditional medicine. At Caliber, we act as your personal recruiter—we’re dedicated to seamlessly connecting nurse practitioners with rewarding locum NP jobs across the United States, catering to your desire for change and growth in advanced practice roles.

What Are Locum Tenens Nurse Practitioners?

Locum tenens is a Latin phrase that means “to hold the place of.” This healthcare staffing solution helps medical facilities fill open positions temporarily, usually due to staffing shortages or increased patient demand. The arrangement allows hospitals and health centers to maintain continuity of care by leveraging the expertise of quality physicians and advanced practice providers like NPs. And as a locum tenens nurse practitioner, you get to pick when and where you want to work.

Locum assignments can last anywhere from a few days to several months and may involve working at hospitals, clinics, or private practices.

A locum tenens nurse practitioner operates as an independent contractor, not as a direct employee of the medical facilities. That means greater control over your schedule, hours, practice environment, and rate negotiation.

Now, what if you had a third party advocating on your behalf to find the right jobs and ensure you receive the best compensation possible? Well, you can. Just partner with a staffing agency to find your next locum tenens assignment.

What Are Staffing Agencies and How Can They Help NPs?

Locum tenens staffing agencies like Caliber specialize in temporarily placing healthcare professionals to cover short-term absences or supplement existing staff, facilitating continuity of care in medical facilities.

So, what makes Caliber different? Our provider-centric approach. Our vision is to work alongside each physician and advanced practice provider to ensure they achieve autonomy, flexibility, and mobility through their locum career.

We’re here to help you practice medicine your way.

Discover the Benefits of Locum Tenens for Nurse Practitioners

As a nurse practitioner, you’ve dedicated your career to caring for patients. However, if you find yourself experiencing burnout or looking for ways to supplement your income to meet personal goals, locum tenens could be a great practice alternative for you.

1. Flexibility: One of the most significant benefits of being a locum tenens NP is flexibility. You can choose from a variety of assignments, allowing you to decide what shifts you want to work and where you want to practice. This flexibility makes it easier to accommodate your preferred schedule and lifestyle. Whether you’re making more time for family or pursuing hobbies, locums can create balance.

2. Higher compensation: Locum NPs tend to have a higher pay rate than full-time NPs. This is due to the temporary nature of locum nurse practitioner jobs and the often urgent need to fill empty positions. Your actual pay depends on the location and length of the assignment, your skills and experience, and your availability. However, many independent contractors find increased earning potential with rate negotiation.

If you choose to work with the right staffing agency, they’ll advocate for you. Caliber is on a journey to offer best-in-class compensation along with custom-fit assignments that align with your personal and professional goals. Our specialty-focused teams understand labor market dynamics and how they impact our provider’s compensation opportunities. We position each provider to earn at their highest potential.

3. Variety of experiences: Working as a locum tenens nurse practitioner exposes you to diverse settings and patient populations, challenging you to develop new skills and knowledge that can benefit your long-term career goals. This can also expand networking opportunities and broaden your professional connections.

4. Address burnout: Being a full-time nurse practitioner with little time off is demanding. Eventually, stress and poor work-life balance can lead to burnout. Working as a locum tenens nurse practitioner can help reduce the risk of burnout. Locum NPs can work at their own pace, carefully selecting assignments and scheduling time off that work for their needs.

5. Reduced administrative burden: As a locum NP, you typically don’t have to worry about billing, coding, and the other administrative tasks you’d handle in a traditional, full-time placement. This allows you to focus solely on providing quality patient care and improving healthcare outcomes.

Land Your Dream NP Job with Caliber

At Caliber, we are committed to developing long-term relationships with our providers. By learning your goals and values, we can confidently choose assignments and match you to facilities that fit your ideal career as a locum provider. Whether you’re a Family Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, or a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, we have specialty-focused recruiters with the resources and expertise to help you succeed.

With a decades-long legacy, we’ve developed an extensive network of relationships with healthcare systems nationwide. We’re poised to propel your career forward by securing locum tenens NP jobs that suit your preferences, specialty, and qualifications.

But our support extends well beyond your job search. Caliber provides exceptional support during all phases of your locum tenens assignment, including assistance with travel arrangements, credentialing, and malpractice insurance. We cover all the logistics so that you can focus on what you do best—delivering top-notch patient care.

Contact Us to Get Started

If you’re considering working as a locum tenens nurse practitioner, we’d love to help. We accommodate scenarios outside of the “typical” locum landscape, with an array of NP jobs that can evolve with your changing preferences and life stages.

We aim to match you with opportunities that are both personally fulfilling and financially rewarding, and we’re committed to replicating that success over and over.

So, contact us today to get started on your search, or explore NP jobs now!

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