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June 10, 2024

Your Guide to Unlocking the Potential of Locum General Surgery

Have you ever considered becoming a locums Surgeon? With a 3% anticipated job growth by the year 2032, General Surgery is in demand—and happens to be one of the highest-paid specialties. If the thought of becoming an independent contractor is daunting but you still want to maximize your earning potential and take control of your schedule, this is the guide for you.

At Caliber Healthcare Solutions, we're redefining what healthcare staffing should be—a professionally satisfying, financially rewarding, and relationship-driven experience that puts Surgeons and Surgical PAs first. But first, let's learn more about locums work.

Introduction to Locum Tenens Surgery

Locum tenens, a Latin phrase meaning "to hold the place," can be a very lucrative practice alternative. Locums work involves physicians and advanced practice providers filling temporary positions at hospitals and healthcare facilities across the nation.

Many locum physicians choose to connect with staffing agencies like Caliber because they have networks of fulfilling, flexible job opportunities. Whether it’s general surgery, orthopedic surgery, or cardiac surgery, there are countless opportunities to utilize your unique skillset and fill critical gaps all over the country.

This versatility also provides both seasoned Surgeons and recent graduates the chance to explore varied healthcare settings, from urgent care to emergency medicine. This is a fantastic way to see if you enjoy different trauma levels and volumes while honing your skills.

Defining Locum Tenens Surgery

Locum tenens surgery involves General Surgeons and surgical specialists stepping into temporary roles to fill staffing gaps at healthcare facilities. This can range from short-term assignments, covering for Surgeons on leave, to FTE openings that might span several months. The essence of locum tenens work, especially in surgery, is flexibility and adaptability, catering to the dynamic needs of hospitals while offering Surgeons a broad canvas of professional experiences.

Surgeons gain the autonomy to select assignments that align with their expertise and interest areas. From General Surgery to niche surgical specialties like orthopedic and cardiac surgery, locum tenens Surgeons play a crucial role in maintaining patient care standards during staffing shortages.

Locum tenens physicians have a pathway that not only empowers Surgeons to take charge of their careers but also to help mitigate the critical staffing needs of healthcare facilities nationwide.

Benefits of Locum Tenens Surgery for Healthcare Providers

The spectrum of advantages extends from professional satisfaction and financial rewards to lifestyle flexibility and the unique chance to impact patient care on an even broader scale. Locums Surgeons are at the forefront of healthcare delivery, navigating an exciting array of clinical environments and patient populations.

The Potential for Professional Satisfaction and Financial Reward

  • Locum tenens Surgeons have the ability to concentrate on patient care without the administrative burdens often associated with permanent positions.
  • Financial rewards in locum tenens surgery are competitive, providing General Surgeons and specialists with opportunities to earn higher than average income, further elevated by comprehensive medical malpractice coverage.
  • Working locum tenens allows Surgeons to manage their schedule, giving them the space to pursue continuing education or personal interests, alleviating burnout and restoring work-life balance.

At Caliber, we recognize and amplify these benefits, ensuring our providers enjoy a professionally fulfilling and financially rewarding locum tenens opportunities at every stage of their careers.

Flexibility to Fit Lifestyle Goals

  • The locum tenens model offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing surgeons to choose when and where they work. Whether exploring an area to relocate without commitment or checking states off the travel bucket list, locum tenens accommodates a range of lifestyle goals.
  • Surgeons can select assignments that align with their career aspirations, be it gaining experience working in a different trauma level or exposure to different surgical equipment.
  • Our dedicated recruiters at Caliber are invested in understanding each provider's unique preferences, ensuring a tailored locum tenens experience that meets both professional and personal goals.

Flexibility is a cornerstone locums work, and Caliber's provider-centric approach guarantees options that genuinely fit our Surgeons' lifestyle and career goals.

Opportunity to Provide Exceptional Patient Care

Locum tenens surgeons are often positioned in hard-to-recruit areas where their skills are most needed, filling crucial gaps and ensuring that patient care remains uninterrupted even in places with limited physician resources. This unique aspect of locum work allows Surgeons to make significant impacts in diverse communities, sometimes in underserved areas that greatly benefit from their expertise.

The exposure to varied healthcare settings and patient caseloads can be challenging, enhancing your clinical skills and broadening professional competency and capacity to deliver exceptional care. This experience is invaluable, fostering a sense of professional growth and achievement that keeps medicine fresh.

Locum Tenens Surgery for Hospitals and Health Systems

Access to High-Quality Medical Talent through Caliber's Top-tier Network

Hospitals and health systems that partner with Caliber gain direct access to an elite network of locum tenens Surgeons. Our rigorous vetting process ensures that every healthcare provider in our network is not only highly qualified but also passionately committed to patient care. This means filling staffing gaps with confidence since we work with the highest-caliber Surgeons.

Specialty-Focused Recruiting

Our specialty-focused recruiting teams gain deep knowledge of the unique demands and nuances of their respective specialties. This expertise allows us to expertly hospitals and health systems with locum tenens Surgeons who not only meet their clinical needs but also fit seamlessly into their existing teams and organizational culture.

Our approach offers a level of precision and personalization that traditional staffing models simply cannot match. The benefits of this are twofold: healthcare providers find rewarding opportunities that align with their career goals, and healthcare facilities benefit from high-quality, specialized talent that enhances patient care.

The Impact Locum Tenens Surgery Can Have on Patient Outcomes

Caliber understands that at the heart of every locum tenens surgery placement is the opportunity to positively influence patient care. By ensuring that hospitals and health systems connect with top-tier surgical talent, we can improve healthcare delivery.

This provider-centric approach doesn't just fill staffing gaps; it brings fresh perspectives and renewed enthusiasm to healthcare teams. The positive outcomes are evident not only in the immediate surgical successes but also in longer-term patient satisfaction and well-being. As we continue to innovate and refine our processes, Caliber remains committed to being the most provider-centric locum tenens staffing agency in the industry, ultimately leading to improved patient care across the board.

How Caliber's Provider-centric Approach Champions Surgeons

Shaping a New Paradigm in Healthcare Staffing

At Caliber, we believe in the transformative power of a provider-centric approach in healthcare staffing. Many agencies rush to fill open jobs on behalf of their clients, leading to mismatches that can affect both the Surgeon's professional satisfaction and patient care. By contrast, Caliber places the needs, preferences, and well-being of locum tenens Surgeons and at the forefront of our job-matching. Each Surgeon's professional satisfaction directly translates to elevated patient outcomes.

Unparalleled Access to Job Opportunities Tailored to Provider Preferences

Our network broadens your opportunities, and our specialty-focused teams work tirelessly to curate opportunities that align with each Surgeon's unique career ambitions, lifestyle choices, and preferences.

Our process goes beyond the basics of location and pay. We consider your career stage, work-life balance, and the specific impacts you wish to make within the healthcare system. This thorough understanding allows us to present you with locum tenens opportunities that are not merely jobs, but career milestones.

And access to opportunities is just the beginning. Caliber's dedicated support system ensures that once you've found the perfect locum tenens role, you're fully supported every step of the way.

Caliber's Long-Term, Committed Support System

Paperwork probably isn't your forte. That's okay. Our dedicated support teams are specialists in healthcare staffing, making them invaluable resources to handle documentation, licensing, and credentialing. We streamline all the details so you can focus on patient care.

What sets Caliber apart is not just the initial job search process but the commitment to a long-term partnership. This includes additional locum tenens assignments, and ongoing support in achieving a work-life balance that fulfills your personal and professional goals. Our approach is holistic, ensuring that every locum tenens Surgeon feels valued, supported, and understood.

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