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June 4, 2024

Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day 2024: Honoring the Core of Caliber

Since 1991, National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day has been celebrated on the first Tuesday of June. This day marks a time to acknowledge the behind-the-scenes work that healthcare recruiters do to bridge gaps in healthcare. On the surface, recruiters connect healthcare providers to open job opportunities, but the quality of that connection depends entirely on the recruiter.

According to our providers—who you’ll hear from below—Caliber recruiters are career catalysts, advocates, and partners. They’ve earned these accolades by creating lasting connections with locum tenens providers that ultimately enhance patient care.

Our recruiters exemplify our core values in every interaction. Their unwavering commitment to integrity and ethics fosters trust and transparency between clients, providers, and our locum support teams. They relentlessly pursue excellence and embrace accountability for growth, continuously challenging themselves to adapt to the healthcare landscape and ensure the highest outcomes for our providers. And finally, they recognize that results start with relationships; Caliber’s recruiters all view healthcare staffing with a unique, provider-centric lens. They prioritize the needs and goals of our locum tenens physicians and APPs, becoming trusted advisors who provide strategic expertise, strong communication, and exceptional support with every interaction.

To illustrate the impact of these relationships, we’re proud to share a heartfelt provider testimonial video featuring special messages from three of our Caliber providers: Dr. Kondrot; Dayna, CRNA; and Tonia, NP.

We’re deeply grateful for our providers who acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our recruiters. To our recruiters, thank you for being the "core" of who we are. You are more than just recruiters; you are career catalysts, advocates, and partners. Your dedication to our core values shapes strong, supportive connections with our providers, enabling them to thrive in their locum tenens careers. We’re proud to celebrate you, not just today but every day.

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