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May 1, 2024

Empowering Providers, Enhancing Care: Caliber’s Year-Round Commitment to Mental Health

Your brother struggles with substance use disorder. Your daughter has depression. Your grandfather suffers from PTSD. You must cope with the loss of a loved one. Each of these realities underscore a distinct and critical need for mental health support— a need echoed in the experiences of countless families compelling us to confront our nation's mental healthcare shortages.

Closing the Gap with Locum Tenens

As a locum tenens staffing agency, it is our mission and responsibility to actively address these gaps, ensuring that essential care is available to all who need it. Unfortunately, more than 160 million Americans lack crucial mental healthcare services. This alarming number sets the stage for Mental Health Awareness Month, observed each May to enhance understanding and reduce stigma while emphasizing the critical need for accessible mental health care.

Our locum tenens providers are indispensable in bridging the healthcare divide, especially in rural areas where mental health professionals are scarce. We’re deeply grateful to our psychiatrists and advanced practice providers, whose commitment not only fills critical vacancies but also enhances service delivery through both traditional and telemedicine platforms. Facing a projected shortfall of 18,000 psychiatrists by 2030 and with 60% nearing retirement, the efforts of our locum tenens providers are crucial in improving access to mental health care nationwide. Their work significantly impacts community well-being and is a testament to the vital role they play across the nation.

Caring for Our Caregivers

At Caliber, we focus on more than just staffing; we’re committed to enhancing patient care by ensuring the well-being of our psychiatrists and advanced practice providers. Our provider-centric approach involves carefully matching each psychiatrist and APP with roles that suit their expertise and preferences—from family psychiatry to specialized research positions. We consider the dynamics of each facility to ensure a good fit, which reduces burnout and boosts provider satisfaction, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.

Our locum tenens roles are designed to empower our mental health professionals. When they’re able to flexibly manage their careers and meet their individual goals, they’re able to provide better patient care. By developing these relationships, Caliber ensures that we can connect healthcare facilities with an extensive pool of vetted candidates who are ready to offer reliable, high-quality care that strengthens community health and effectively meets patient needs.

Unified Efforts for Lasting Impact

While Mental Health Awareness Month prompts us to reflect on the importance of mental health services, it's crucial to recognize that our collective mission extends beyond just May. Caliber is committed year-round to enhancing access to mental healthcare, appreciative of our locum tenens physicians and the healthcare facilities we serve.

We’re not just responding to immediate healthcare needs; we’re actively shaping a future where mental health services are within reach for everyone. We deeply appreciate the unwavering dedication of our providers and the trust our clients place in us to help them deliver exceptional care.

If you’re a facility seeking expert psychiatric coverage or if you’re a psychiatrist or APP looking to make a significant impact across the United States, connect with Caliber. Together, let’s continue to expand access and improve mental healthcare for all communities. Thank you for bringing vital services closer to those who need it most.

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