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Need a tool to Open EDI files, Parse EDI data, and Edit EDI loop and Segment errors? 

Try This Simple And Easy To Use EDI Editor!

This toolbox presents EDI in a hierarchical way that simplifies file navigation, even for non-EDI users. It also has advanced search capabilities in which analysts can quickly find loops, segments, and elements. Easily view metadata describing each document’s structure, and perform SNIP 1 and 2 validation with linked search results to easily correct formatting errors. With this X12 Tool billing analysts can quickly jump to the claim validation error location and get suggested corrections.

EDI Editor X12 Studio
EDI Editor Features

EDI File Editing  Simplified!

EDI Validation Screen

Our Pro features include components that can be added at any time. Mix and match with the following add-ons:

Extract Invalid EDI records

Invalid Record Extractor

Split EDI files

EDI File Splitter

EDI to UB 04 form

CMS 1500/UB 04 PDF Generator

EDI Claims Balancing Tool

835 Remittance/Claims Balancing

EDI test files generator

EDI Test File Generator

EDI to CMS 1500 form

CMS1500/UB04 PDF Generator

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Test drive our most used EDI tool – Open EDI, parse, and edit with our free version of X12 Studio EDI Toolbox.

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