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T-Connect X12 Studio EDI Toolbox

T-Connect X12 Studio EDI Toolbox is a product geared towards improving X12 workloads for analysts and developers.

EDI Editor (Free download)

With X12 Studio, it’s easy to open, parse, edit, and save EDI files. This toolbox presents EDI in a hierarchical way that simplifies file navigation, even for non-EDI users. It also has advanced search capabilities in which analysts can quickly find loops, segments, and elements. View metadata describing each document’s structure, and perform SNIP 1 and 2 validation with linked search results to easily correct formatting errors.


Our premium features include components that can be added at any time. Mix and match with the following add-ons:

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Test drive our most used EDI tool – Open EDI, parse, and edit with our free version of X12 Studio EDI Toolbox.

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