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Caliber Health provides a robust array of EDI solutions tailored to the needs of organizations handling healthcare EDI data.

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Health Plans

Plans and MCOs are faced with increasing pressure to adhere to state and federal regulatory rules and deadlines. T-Connect can improve encounter submission acceptance rates. Increase member allocation and reimbursements with pre-built rules, self-learning claim edits, and reduced infrastructure.


Health Informatics require accuracy, speed, and deep analysis of X12 transaction data. Powering your EDI gateway system with T-Connect means that you can leverage our innovation to gain a unique and unfair advantage over your competitors.


Save money by significantly reducing claim errors. T-Connect lowers administration costs for ACOs and connects EHR/EMR systems with reusable HL7 workflows while increasing transparency.

Clearinghouses / VANS

Power TPAs, Clearinghouses, and VANs with the speed, transparency, flexibility, and reusability that your customers expect.

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