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Top EDI Parsing Solutions for Developers – T-Connect

Our last EDI Parser write up covered general parsing information when understanding how EDI is parsed. In this blog, we will cover some innovative EDI Parser solutions.

All of our T-Connect HIPAA EDI Solutions utilize the same enterprise grade ready EDI parser engine.

Here are our top 4 EDI parsing solutions:

  1. X12 Studio Toolbox
  2. T-Connect SDK API for Developers
  3. T-Connect SDK plus Database
  4. T-Connect EDI Gateway

First, X12 Studio Toolbox is a free download that is EDI capable of parsing very large EDI files.  Unlike other free downloads, X12 Studio provides the fastest and largest file parsing engine available on the market.  Our EDI Parser components provide speed, power, and the ability to view EDI validation results in a super easy result format.  With X12 Studio, it will automatically navigate to the validation error, identify the issue, and allow the user to correct and save.

edi x12 studio

Second, our T-Connect SDK API for Developers provides an easy-to-use API to program against X12 objects.  Our X12 Object API provides an extremely powerful and flexible way for developers to interact with the X12 EDI document as an object in memory.  Unlike other .net object parsers on the market, we have pre-built templates and supercharged methods to easily query any part of the object with one line of code.  With a few lines of code, you can utilize the EDI parser engine, validate SNIP 1, 2, and send 999 ACKs.

We also have another object layer on top of the X12 standards called Line of Business (LOB) objects.  The LOB provides a more business friendly layer so that the developer does not have to know the X12 standard.  Interacting with Subscriber, Member, and Dependent fields as opposed the ‘2300’ loops, etc.  Our LOB object automatically maps to and from the X12 object so you can get the same EDI parser and validation used in the X12 objects.

edi tools edi sdk api

Next, our T-Connect SDK for Developers plus Database adds an entire relational database on top of the Developer SDK EDI parser solution mentioned above.  This solution is hosted in a windows service and polls for EDI files, ingests the EDI file, parses, validates, and saves each and every segment, loop, and data element in a relational database.

edi tools edi sdk api plus database

Finally, our T-Connect EDI Gateway solutions adds on user interface portal screens, reporting, security, and workflows on top of the EDI parser component.  Automate trading partner onboarding and select the EDI parser for that workflow.  Implement robust EDI parser workflows such as split on invalid records, reject complete EDI file with 999 ACKs, reject partial and send good data through, sort transactions, and many more.

EDI solutions

Caliber Health is bringing innovation to an archaic way of how healthcare organizations work with EDI.  Our EDI parser solutions make EDI simple for people and computers to help grow your business and reduce administration.

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