HIPAA EDI Solutions

Healthcare HIPAA EDI Solutions for Parsing and Database Persistence

HIPAA EDI Solutions

Caliber Health's T-Connect HIPAA EDI Solutions manage healthcare v5010 EDI Data. Our EDI software products meet the EDI challenges of Third-Party Benefits Administrators (TPAs), Health Plan organizations, and healthcare intermediaries. These top EDI Software solutions enable data ingestion, scaling capacity, and data transparency. T-Connect HIPAA EDI Solutions provide a .NET C# framework for EDI file manipulation and automation. Healthcare organizations can leverage these solutions to create customized EDI workflows and reports. Our EDI Gateway comes with advanced user controls to set alerts for activity involving specific trading partners, thresholds, or X12 transaction types. T-Connect HIPAA EDI Solutions streamline X12 data processing productivity and reduce administrative costs.

T-Connect Gateway EDI Solution

The T-Connect EDI Gateway is optimized for HIPAA X12 5010 Transactions. This robust EDI solution comes with an interface/management portal that allows organizations to assign EDI roles and user permissions. Health plans commonly utilize this enterprise level software to improve data visibility and tracking. EDI solution teams can easily utilize the software to interact with EDI files and resolve validation issues.

T-Connect Database Plus SDK EDI Solution

The T-Connect EDI Database Plus SDK is an EDI solution offering powerful parsing capabilities in customizable .NET C# framework. This EDI solution is commonly leveraged by software developers. T-Connect helps development teams avoid the often-underestimated complexities of building HIPAA compliant databases. Using this proven solution helps fulfill healthcare industry requirements for speed, data visibility, and tracking. Looking for a solution built specifically with the EDI data utilization needs of healthcare intermediaries in mind? We’ve spent thousands of hours optimizing the speed and reliability of T-Connect EDI databases. With this prebuilt and fully customizable EDI solution, your .NET developers can focus on enabling your core business.

T-Connect SDK EDI Solution

Healthcare Networks commonly utilize the T-Connect SDK API for developers as a preferred EDI solution reducing the cost of care by automating data processing. Smaller healthcare organizations find this EDI solution support the short term needs and future plans for growth. Caliber Health provides a Managed EDI Services option for those looking to outsource trading partner management. The software can be transferred to your team’s onsite management as your team grows. This product can be upgraded to any of the above solutions at any time to support enhanced EDI tracking a reporting capabilities.

T-Connect Real Time Eligibility Services

Caliber Health’s 270/271 Real Time Benefits Eligibility Verification EDI Solution enables health plans to offer benefits coverage verification to providers in real-time. Our software is CAQH certified and health plan ready. This EDI solution is flexible and cost effective when compared to other hosted services. Caliber Health can host the service or deploy the EDI software on your existing datacenter.

X12 Studio Toolbox Pro EDI Editor

We are proud to offer the X12 Studio Toolbox, one of healthcare’s most popular EDI editors with over 10,000 users. This EDI solution is optimized for EDI billing specialists and EDI analysts. Looking for a downloadable X12 EDI tool to manually read and navigate EDI files? This EDI editor tool surfaces X12 validation results and offers suggestions for correcting validation errors based on the files standardized format. X12 Studio Toolbox comes with an array of premium features to streamline your EDI X12 file editing workloads.

Managed EDI Services

Caliber Health partners with Tallan, Inc to offer Managed EDI Services for any of the products above. This can be a cost-effective alternative to managing trading partners and their requirements on your own. We provide the staff and expertise to make sure you meet the requirements of your trading partners and regulatory bodies. We ensure your EDI system is working at peak efficiency and proactively monitor for potential issues. This white glove approach enables your team to focus on your core business.

EDI Implementation Services

Caliber Health partners with The EDI Project to offer EDI Implementation Services. We enable your team to quickly begin processing EDI transactions. These services are available for all our EDI Software Solutions. T-Connect EDI software also comes with a software assurance that includes updates and software support. These flexible EDI solutions can be hosted on your site or in the cloud.

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