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T-Connect EDI Management Suite

Caliber Health provides T-Connect EDI Solutions to accelerate EDI processing for healthcare payers, providers, and intermediaries.

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EDI Management Suite Solutions

Claim and Encounter Reconciliation

T-Connect streamlines 5010 payment and claims processing with Claim and Encounter Reconciliation Services. See improved processing speed and capacity while significantly reducing submission errors.

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Claims Management

T-Connect grants insight into EDI 837I, 837P, 837D, 277CA, 999, 835 transaction processing. Access reports that quickly show which are claims are paid, rejected, and acknowledged.

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270/271 Realtime Benefits Eligibility

T-Connect Realtime Benefits Eligibility Services reduce administration for a better employee and patient experience.

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Member Enrollment Management

T-Connect takes member enrollment to the next level. Go far beyond the ability to parse and integrate 834 documents. Easily access, modify, track, and correlate enrollment data to simplify the administration process.

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EDI Parse, validation, enrichment, transform, and routing – Revolutionary EDI parsing optimizes speed and power, processing 500,000 X12 834 enrollments in under 7 minutes! Enriches your data with field level mappings.

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Data Storage

Store EDI as its being processed automatically using a rich and proven set of database tables and services. Data stored can be accessed via our portal or access directly with procedure/ETL and API calls.

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Trading Partner Management

Manage and automate the creation of trading partners, agreements, and ACKs with advanced implementation guide capabilities.

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Gain visibility into EDI processing utilizing canned reports, dashboards, and portals. Slice and dice data with drill down capabilities. Interact with EDI messages through our portal with search and editing capabilities.

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Policy Management

Manage EDI Rules, validations, and policies. Gate validations and include results with 999 ACKs. Implement according to your companion guide or the partner’s. SNIP rule edits (1-7) are also available.

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EDI Tools

Our EDI tools help reduce overall operations: X12 Studio for EDI editing, Claim Form Viewer for CMS1500 UB04 data visualizations, Enrollment Delta File Generator, and EDI File Splitter.


With data ownership, harness the power of innovation by reducing overhead costs associated with claim and enrollment processing. Easily view, edit, validate, and resubmit on-the-fly with our T-Connect administration portal and databases. Provide access to EDI outside of IT organizations with self-serving screens and dashboards. Meet legislative requirements and analyze key metrics to improve compliance and reduce encounter errors.


We offer our T-Connect EDI Management Suite as a one-time perpetual license fee with an annual support agreement. This license covers one production environment and unlimited developer and QA environment landscapes.

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