EDI file Splitter Tool – Split 837 Claims in 4 Easy Steps!

X12 Studio Toolbox is a suite of EDI tools that provides pre-built solutions in a simple to use tool.  The EDI 837 Claim Splitter application is used by 100’s of EDI analysts and developers.

The 837 claim splitter, uses a simple configuration to breakout large files into smaller ones. Split files by the 2300 Loop easily with a click of a button.

Follow these 4 steps to split claim EDI 837 files:

Step 1: Launch our free download version of X12 Studio and open an existing 837I, 837P, 837D (the splitter also works on non-claim files like EDI 834):

Open file x12 studio

Step 2: X12 Studio will load and validate the EDI 837 file automatically once the file is selected.  It presents EDI in it’s true hierarchical format.  You can also edit and view properties of each segment and data element.

split large edi 837 claim file

Step 3: Click on the ‘Split File’ button near the top of the application.

split edi claim file tool

Step 4: X12 Studio splits the EDI 837 file and shows the file paths generated in the ‘Output’ directory.

Try X12 Studio’s Split 837 EDI application and take advantage of the speed, power, and usability.  X12 Studio makes EDI simple for people and computers.

Get your copy of X12 Studio Toolbox today and see for yourself how easy EDI can really be!

Check out other blogs for in depth overview of claim payment splitting.

Other splitting options are available.  Caliber Health also offers an online API service that developers can snap their processes into for a more automated solution.

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