EDI 270/271 Real time Eligibility Software

Respond to member's benefits eligibility requests in Real time with T-Connect

Real Time EDI 270/271 Software: Our Approach

EDI 270/271 Real Time Eligibility connectivity solutions from Caliber Health allow health plans to take back ownership from hosted solutions. This means organizations can realize benefits such as reduced costs, improved accuracy, transparent processing, and reduced administration of shuffling enrollment files around. At Caliber Health, we know the value of accurate data in forecasting and enhancing the business decision process. We offer our clients the versatility to deploy our EDI 270/271 Real Time Eligibility software on premise, in the cloud, or hybrid.

Key Benefits of Processing 270/271 Transactions in Real Time

Cost effective – Save money compared to other EDI 270/271 Real Time solutions, even for hosting services options.

Portable – Caliber Health can host the real time transaction processing service and later deploy EDI software on your data-center if ownership is desired.

More Accurate – We are experts in EDI integration, so we will work with you and your member benefits data to provide the most accurate member eligibility  data service possible.

Low Barrier to Entry – You can keep your existing 270/271 files and real-time processes, then transition to T-Connect is seamlessly and with low risk.

Flexible EDI Solutions – If you have built your own Real time connectivity service, T-Connect can leverage existing EDI assets and investments in your existing self-hosted service.

Enrollment Files – T-Connect can accept delta or full enrollment files to ease the outbound file process for hosted solutions.

Ownership – Our service can be deployed in your data center and integrated directly into your member and eligibility database.

Contact us today an request a live online demonstration of T-Connect EDI 270/271 Real Time Eligibility Software.  Also, discover our other Healthcare EDI Software Solutions


Improve Accuracy
  • Because data is pulled directly from the health plan systems, it’s real-time and more accurate

  • Upfront accuracy to avoid processing errors, eliminate costly re-work, and reduce customer service calls

  • Easy to read and interpret validation errors on 999 rejections