Tips for Processing Large EDI Files in QNXT

The Challenge


TriZetto QNXT is an end-to-end solution for health plan administration across multiple lines of business. QNXT uses a Microsoft BizTalk Server application called QNXT Connect to intake EDI and translate it into XML for processing; however, transforming an EDI file expands the size significantly. Large files can create a bottleneck causing BizTalk to slow or halt processing.  For instance, a 10 MB EDI file can expand to 100 MB after BizTalk translates it into XML.  For redundancy, BizTalk also stores that large message repeatedly within BizTalk Server’s database.

There are a few options to resolve performance issues encountered within BizTalk and QNXT system:

  1. Scaling – Upgrading the system by adding additional servers (scaling out) or upgrading existing servers (scaling up). This may solve the problem temporarily but will quickly hit a period of diminished returns as the sheer size of the EDI in XML format cannot be processed in a reasonable amount of time.
  2. Application Redesign – Redesigning the BizTalk application is usually an option to increase performance of the system. However, QNXT Connect is a proprietary BizTalk plugin that cannot be redesigned.
  3. Splitting EDI Files – BizTalk can split EDI files in several different ways, but configuring additional controls such as tracking and correlation require specialized BizTalk expertise and may not be readily available. Splitting can be employed without server upgrades or changes to BizTalk by using T-Connect.EDI Gateway software.
Processing Large EDI Files

T-Connect Solution

T-Connect is a healthcare solution that simplifies EDI administration.  It’s designed to accelerate claim, payment and enrollment processing while providing end-to-end visibility into the lifecycle of your data.  T-Connect uses a custom EDI parsing engine that can rapidly validate EDI files, as well as parse, persist and split EDI files without the bloated XML.



T-Connect is used as the pre-processor and can be implemented to enhance QNXT Connect processing.  With T-Connect, files are split, validated, tracked, and enriched prior to sending to QNXT.  This keeps BizTalk’s involvement to a minimum.


There are many approaches to tackling the task of processing large files in QNXT. In this setup, integrating T-Connect to enhance QNXT is an efficient choice.

Begin a conversation with our Caliber Health division and see T-Connect in action, contact us today to discuss how we can improve your EDI management capabilities.

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