Healthcare EDI Database plus SDK Solution

Securely Store 837 Claim, 834 Enrollment and all other HIPAA transaction data

This Healthcare EDI Database Software offers a powerful and  .Net developer friendly EDI framework for Parsing HIPAA 5010 transactions. EDI developer tools as our SDK software product with the addtion of T-Connect HIPAA databases for all heathcare transaction types. With this solutions you'll gain the developer rich capabilities of our SDK API product, plus the power of storing those transactions in a relational database. T-Connect Healthcare EDI Database Plus SDK is a .Net Developer Friendly EDI Framework for Parsing HIPAA 5010 data and presisting it to Healthcare EDI Databases.


T-Connect Healthcare EDI Database Pluse SDK Software  

 We’ve invested over 1,000 hours perfecting our HIPAA EDI database with a balance of flexibility, ease-of-use, and speed. Quickly process EDI through our database solution on day one. Our product saves every segment, loop, and field within an EDI file. Inbound and outbound EDI quickly with a prebuilt solution. ETL into your database or write translations directly into your system.

Power your EDI data reporting and tracking capabilities.

EDI data reporting

Watch our product introduction video below and sign up for a live demonstration of our T-Connect EDI Database plus SDK software product. 


EDI Database

Our Database solution includes all of the SDK Features, plus the following:

  • APIs for Developers
  • .NET / Visual Studio
  • Validation Results
  • Pre-built Reference Code
  • Upgradable to Database
  • File Polling Service
  • Programmable Objects
  • File Splitting
  • Programmable Mapping
  • Industry Leading Speed
  • SNIP 1, 2 Validation
  • 999 ACKs
  • Invalid Record Extractor
  • CSV and Flat File Translator
  • Phone Support
  • Databases for X12 Transaction Sets
  • Prebuilt Queries
  • Supports ETL
  • Enterprise Level Scaling
  • Prebuilt Stored Procedures
  • High Performance Speed
  • Access EDI File Directly from Tables
  • Maintenance Jobs Included