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Free EDI Validation Tool – 5 Easy Steps

With over 10,000 users, X12 Studio Toolbox is the free EDI validator trusted by the healthcare industry.  Best of all, it’s available as a free trial download!

The parsing engine was built from the ground up for speed and easy-to-read validation results. Other tools often give you false/cascading errors, with X12 Studio you see the true EDI validation error. This tool supports SNIP levels 1, 2, and 3. It’s also validating according to the X12.org specifications, so you can count on the accuracy of the validation.  Now it’s easy to handle even very large EDI 837 and EDI 834 files.

Follow these simple steps to validate your EDI files:

Step 1 – download your free EDI validation Tool

edi validation tool download


edi validation tool download free

Step 2 – Open an EDI file

t connect x12 studio

Step 3 – Automatically parse and validate the EDI file.

If there are any errors, you can see what EDI validation errors happened with the file by clicking on the ‘Validation Results’ tab at the bottom.

edi validation tool view errors

Step 4 – Find the file’s EDI validation error.

Simply click on the Validation Result output, and X12 Studio Toolbox will automatically navigate there.

edi validation tool free file results

Step 5 – Correct the file’s EDI validation error.

Simply enter or click on drop down for available values to correct the file.  X12 Studio instantly re-validates the EDI file.  Save the file and you are done!

fixed file errors


Caliber Health is bringing innovation to the way healthcare organizations work with EDI.  We believe Healthcare EDI software solutions should make EDI simple for people and computers to help grow your business and reduce administration costs. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a live demo of T-Connect.

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