Introducing T-Connect EDI Parser C# & SDK

Now you don’t have to be a healthcare EDI expert to code like one. Our T-Connect parsing engine is included as part of our healthcare software development kit, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. You’ll get a powerful Line of Business(LOB) C# object library to work with user-friendly names such as ‘SubscriberId’ instead of EDI 2000B.

  • Work with all 5010 healthcare EDI transaction sets.
  • Get lightning fast translation, process millions of records in minutes.
  • Have the flexibility to query the object and easily traverse the libraries.
  • Code to APIs that auto-map into our EDI Object Model.

Accelerate your EDI development. We've done all the heavy lifting for you!

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Claim Spreadsheet –> EDI File

Spreadsheet mapped to x12 File

EDI –> Modify –> New EDI

C# code to X12 object

Code LOB –> Map to X12 Object –> ANSI X12 EDI File

Line of Business to X12 Object

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Tool up development this proven healthcare EDI parsing solution.