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Track, Report, & Automate EDI Workflows with the T-Connect EDI Gateway

Gain enterprise-level EDI processing speeds and data visibility.

Power Your Healthplan’s Competitive Advantage

Our EDI Gateway software product simplifies administration data processing with innovative solutions. Access the data using our easy-to-use portal screens. Reduce complex tasks with our innovative solutions that automate workloads from hours to minutes.


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Simplify Healthcare Administration

With data ownership, harness the power of innovation by reducing overhead costs associated with claim and enrollment processing. Easily view, edit, validate, and resubmit on-the-fly with our T-Connect EDI Gateway. Provide access to EDI outside of IT organizations with self-serving screens and dashboards. Meet legislative requirements and analyze key metrics to improve compliance and reduce encounter errors.

Claim and Encounter Reconciliation

Streamline 5010 payment and claims processing with Claim and Encounter Reconciliation Services. See improved processing speed and capacity while significantly reducing submission errors.

Claims Management

Gain insight into EDI 837I, 837P, 837D, 277CA, 999, 835 transaction processing. Access reports that quickly show which are claims are paid, rejected, and acknowledged.

270/271 Realtime Benefits Eligibility

Reduce administration for a better employee and patient experience with the EDI Gateway’s real-time benefits eligibility service feature.
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Member Enrollment Management

Take member enrollment to the next level. Go far beyond the ability to parse and integrate 834 documents. Easily access, modify, track, and correlate enrollment data to simplify the administration process.

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Processing Large EDI Files in QNXT using T-Connect

TriZetto QNXT is an end-to-end solution for health plan administration across multiple lines of business. QNXT uses a Microsoft BizTalk Server application called QNXT Connect to intake EDI and translate it into XML for processing; however, transforming an EDI file expands the size…


Processing Large EDI Files in QNXT using T-Connect

There are several ways to intake, parse and route encounters, enrollments, payments and other HIPAA X12 EDI files. However, there are often deficiencies that become quickly apparent, as not many systems provide an adequate level of insight into the status of the in-flight files…


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