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Transform, Track, and Store EDI Claim, Payment, and Enrollment Data with T-Connect
EDI Database + SDK

Be HIPAA compliant and X12 5010 EDI capable.

Power Your EDI Data Services

Caliber Health’s Database Plus SDK software product provides all of the developer rich capabilities of our SDK API product, plus the power of storing those transactions in a relational database.  We’ve invested over 1,000 hours perfecting our HIPAA database with a balance of flexibility, ease-of-use, and speed.  Quickly process EDI through our database solution on day one.  Our product saves every segment, loop, and field within an EDI file.  Inbound and outbound EDI quickly with a prebuilt solution.  ETL into your database or write translations directly into your system.

EDI Software - T-Connect Database Plus SDK


Our Database solution includes all of the SDK Features, plus the following:

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X12 EDI Databases for HIPAA Transactions

The X12 HIPAA transaction set is used across the healthcare industry to transmit claim, enrollment and payment information. Given the importance and ubiquity of these EDI files, you might assume that translating them from ANSI to a relational database format…


All-Payer Claims Database Submission – Common Data Layout and PACDR X12

The implementation of All-Payer Claims Databases (APCD) across states remains variable and dynamic. Massachusetts maintains a comprehensive implementation, aggregating data feeds from over 80 public and private payers. Massachusetts has leveraged their APCD to…


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