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Caliber health provides t-connect EDI solutions to accelerate edi processing for healthcare payers, providers, and intermediaries.


T-Connect SDK for Developers

Compare EDI Software like Caliber Health’s T-Connect SDK product that provides a lean and powerful set of programmable APIs for developers.  Firstly, developers can harness the same power and speed as our larger product offering.  Secondly, we feel like an intuitive validation is key because developers and analysts spend so much time interpretting validation errors. Thirdly, and most importantly, this SDK is very affordable for small to mid-size companies.  In conclusion, this product is offered as a complete end-to-end solution. In other words, T-Connect SDK is a true EDI  processing system that automates polling EDI files, translation, validation, 999 ACKs, and programmable .NET objects. Learn More >>>

SDK for developers

Compare EDI Software Features

SolutionsSDK for DevelopersDatabase Plus SDKEDI Gateway
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APIs for Developerscompare edi softwareCheckCheck
File Directory PollingCheckCheckCheck
Programmable Object Oriented APIs for X12CheckCheckCheck
Automated File ProcessingCheckCheckCheck
APIs for Customizing and Enriching X12 MessagesCheckCheckCheck
SNIP 1, 2 ValidationCheckCheckCheck
SNIP 3, Claims BalancingCheckCheckCheck
999 ACKsCheckCheckCheck
Programmable MappingCheckCheckCheck
Prebuilt Developer Reference ArchitectureCheckCheckCheck
High Performance Processing SpeedCheckCheckCheck
Perpetual Licensing CostCheckCheckCheck
SQL Server Database RequirementCheckCheck
EDI X12 Files inbound direct to DatabasesCheckCheck
EDI X12 Files outbound direct from DatabasesCheckCheck
Database for X12 Transaction SetsCheckCheck
Prebuilt Stored Procedures, QueriesCheckCheck
User, Groups, Permission Controls and LoginsCheck
EDI Analysts – Portal ScreensCheck
Build Workflows through Portal User InterfaceCheck
Create Alerts through Portal User InterfaceCheck
Create Customized ReportsCheck
View Transaction and File Flow HistoryCheck
Trading Partner ManagementCheck
User Portal IncludedCheck
SFTP ConnectorCheck
Edit, Resubmit in PortalCheck
Canned Reports IncludedCheck
Search EDI Messages in PortalCheck
Create and manage rule setsCheck
Real Time 270/271 CapableCheck
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