Our Company

Caliber Health is a division of Tallan, Inc. dedicated to bringing innovation to the healthcare industry.

Our passion for EDI software innovation grew from years of EDI integration consulting for the healthcare organizations whom we help to solve EDI integration challenges. As seasoned EDI problem solvers, we are often tasked with bringing legacy EDI systems up to speed with new healthcare regulatory compliance standards. We noticed a gap in the market as the healthcare and insurance industries had become overlooked by established EDI software companies; piecing together make-shift solutions that had been built for the masses. Many of those healthcare companies have been trying to force their processes with band-aid solutions, but end up with a large support staff that can’t scale their long-term organizational growth initiatives. We were convinced that these organizations deserved a better way. They needed a platform that addressed their industry specific challenges, complexities, and regulations.

Fueled by a vision to make EDI sustainably easy for people and computers, we became absolutely obsessed with injecting new DNA into to a seemingly unevolved process. We encouraged our clients to stop wrestling with yesterday’s one-size-(doesn’t really)-fit-all-industry EDI products, and partner with us to develop a truly innovative EDI platform that is tailored to the unique benefits administration challenges of the Healthcare and Insurance industries.