An Easy-to-Use Tool for Balancing 837 Claims

Try X12 Studio Tool for Balancing 837 Claims

T-Connect’s X12 Studio Toolbox provides a feature-rich EDI editor tool.  One of our most popular features is the ability to perform claim balancing for 837P (professional) and 837I (institutional) claim files.

Easily identify unbalanced 2300 claim loops to the 2400 service lines. Ensure that the 837 claim file’s 2300-CLM02 matches the sum of its claim loops in the 2400 service lines. Edit or auto correct the 2300 CLM02.

Follow these 4 easy steps to perform 837 claim balancing:

Step 1: After launching X12 Studio (free download), open an existing 837I, 837P, 837D, or 835 EDI file from the Main Menu

Open file x12 studio

Step 2: X12 Studio Toolbox will present your EDI file in an easy-to-read tree structured format.

claims balancing open 837

Step 3: Click on the SNIP 3 Claim Balancing icon at the top of X12 Studio

claims balancing 837 validate

Step 4: View Validation results instantly in the ‘Validation Results’ pane at the bottom of the application.

claims balancing results 837

Try Out Our EDI Health Care Software Tool, for Balancing 837 Claims

X12 Studio Toolbox provides rich EDI features to easily manipulate, validate, balance, split, and extract invalid records in easy-to-use downloadable tool.

Try this tool for free!

Download your copy of X12 Studio Toolbox and see for yourself how easy it is to balance your 837 claim service lines.

Check out other blogs for in depth overview of claims balancing implemented by SNIP Level 3 for 837s.

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